Candy Shop

All of your favourite Candy Shop snus sweet brands and flavours, inside a tobacco-free pouch that fits discreetly under your lip. All-white and tobacco-free for the cleanest nicotine experience.

Nicotine pouches were created as an alternative and elevated nicotine experience for current smokers.

They are:

– Tobacco-free — we use pharmaceutical-grade nicotine polymer that contains zero tobacco.

– Smokeless — you can enjoy Candy Shop snus indoors, outdoors, in public spaces and even when travelling.

– Convenient — they are the ultimate hands-free nicotine delivery system, not requiring ashtrays, lighters, vape bottles or chargers and other smoking/vaping paraphernalia.

– Discreet — use these Candy Shop snus pouches in any situation without having to stop what you’re doing, step outside, or make excuses.

What is in a Nicotine Pouch?

In our nicotine pouches, you will find:

– Nicotine extract — we use pharmaceutical-grade nicotine polymer that contains zero tobacco.

– Flavourings — we use carefully formulated flavourings used in the food industry to enrich the taste of our pouches. Choose from Mint, Bergamot Wildberry, Elderflower and Strawberry.

– Additives: Fillers & acidity regulators — the physical volume of nicotine polymer in each pouch is relatively low, and we use commonly used fillers like plant-based fibres and small amounts of gum base to make them easier and more comfortable to use. We also include minerals commonly used in baking goods to lower the acidity.

To use a nicotine pouch, simply place it between your lip and your gum. You will feel a slight tingling sensation to begin with, this will stop after 10 minutes or so. Each pouch lasts for up to an hour and should then be disposed of correctly.

Nicotine pouches was one of the first products of its type to reach the UK market in 2019. They provide current smokers and vapers with a more discreet alternative nicotine experience.

It’s important to note that nicotine pouches are not snus as they don’t contain even trace amounts of tobacco.